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Business Center Network (BCN) workshops and awareness sessions will help you to start, manage, operate and grow your business. Training programs range from advanced seminars aimed at experienced business owners to introductory workshops for the novice business owner and those considering starting a business or potential entrepreneurs. In addition to beginner-level and more advance business training programs we also offer technical and vocational skills training for youth and women entrepreneurs, including home-based industries.


Business Services

Our business services include advice and guidance for existing or aspiring new businesses in:

  • Startup during the first years in business
  • Becoming established through growth and expansion
  • Innovation in developing new products and market strategies
  • Troubleshooting and dealing with downturns
  • Planning for the future, including exit planning


Technical Support Services

We also offer our business clients technical support services in such areas as:

  • Developing a Business plan
  • Developing a Market plan
  • Financial planning
  • Conducting a Feasibility study
  • Preparing a loan proposal
  • Sourcing technology
  • Business structuring
  • Product development/quality control/packaging/labeling
  • Business information sourcing
  • Providing legal, tax or accounting advice/referrals
  • Engineering/environmental services referrals
  • Business registration/licensing assistance
  • IT support

Creating young entreprenuers through our business center services.
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News Room

P4D - Lhaviyani

Ministry of Economic Development under its Enterprise Development Programme organised a one-day forum “Partnering for Development” in Lhaviyani Atoll focusing on fostering a strong relationship with the private sector to work towards in supporting the growth of the Micro Medium Small Enterprises in Maldives. This is the first time such a forum was organised in Lhaviyani Atoll or any other inhabited island in Maldives.

Faafu Atoll SME Mapping Survey

Snapshots from the ongoing #SMEMappingSurvey of Faafu Atoll conducted by BC Kudahuvadhoo in close collaboration with the F. Atoll Council. During this trip, we are undertaking field assessment as well as training council staff in supporting the completion of the field survey forms. The study will be able to help Atoll council in understanding the value chain existing in the atoll as well as in understanding the gaps and challenges faced by the business in the atoll. #EnterpriseDevelopment #SMEdevelopment #BusinessCenter #TeamED

Faseyha Madhadhu

Ministry of Economic Development has today officially launched the first Shari’ah compliant finance scheme “Faseyha Madhadhu” to provide MVR 30 million, targeting at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in close collaboration with the Bank of Maldives Islamic with funding from Islamic Development Bank


Business Centers previously known as Business Development Centers (BDSC) are established under the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) as stipulated in the Small Medium Enterprises Act (2013). MED supports and oversees the functioning of the BCs through its Enterprise Development (ED) Programme.

Establishment of a network of BCs is in line with the Government strategy to support private sector development, specifically the promotion of the MSME sector, as an important component of the Government’s decentralization policy and supporting economic development opportunities and income growth at a regional as well as national level.

The BCs operate within the framework of Enterprise Development to support Government goals, strategies and priorities for achieving accelerated inclusive growth for broad-based and sustainable local economic development in the country by contributing to MSME sector development, increased job opportunities, expanded community participation in business activities with emphasis on economic empowerment of youth and women, improved priority sector value chains, and a strengthened business environment conducive to broadening the country’s economic base.

visibility Vision

To become the premier national business development services network serving the MSME sector in the Maldives by 2020.


Our Mission is to foster, support, promote, and achieve inclusive economic growth through the provision of a full range of business services to support and train local entrepreneurs, community-based organizations engaging in business, and other business development services providers. We aim to contribute meaningfully to sustainable BDS capacity building and the growth of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprise sector in the Maldives.

done Our goal

  • To provide a wide range of business services to support MSMEs engaging in business growth markets related to Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism, Construction, Transport, IT & Creativity;
  • To establish efficient and effective networking with government, private sector, community leaders, business stakeholders, BDS providers and other key stakeholders;
  • To encourage greater participation of youth and women in entrepreneurship;
  • To support appropriate technology transfer and improved quality standards and practices for new products and services offered by MSMEs;
  • To equip new business start-ups with the skills needed to prepare sound business plans;
  • To facilitate improved access to finance for new and expanding businesses through financial products and services offered by Bank of Maldives, Maldives Islamic Bank and other financial institutions catering to the business finance needs of MSMEs;
  • To ensure MSMEs have access to business services in all islands of Maldives through a network of seven (7) Business Centers;
  • To assure a dedicated staff that are trained in various aspects of business support services, including business planning, start-up, management, finance, product development, market development, information sourcing and technology transfer.
  • To expand our services capacity, working with partner organizations under the Business Incubation Programme, to assist start-up businesses with access to research and testing facilities for product testing and development and provision of hands-on business and technical incubation mentoring services.
  • To offer business and technical training programs to MSME clients, including an e-learning platform to serve as a one-stop information center for all MSMEs to learn more about simple business concepts and best practices.

group_work Business Center Network

Business Center Network The Business Center Network (BCN) includes seven (7) Business Centers including a Central BC stationed at MED, providing business development services to MSMEs throughout the country
  • placeBusiness Center - Kulhudhufushi

    Hotline: 7917089
    Telephone: 6528315
    Coverage area:
    Haa Alif,
    Haa Dhaal and
    Business Center Shaviyani Atoll

  • placeBusiness Center - Naifaru

    Hotline: 7918432
    Telephone: 6620350
    Coverage area:
    Raa, Baa, Noonu and
    Lhaviyani Atoll

  • placeBusiness Center - Kudahuvadhoo

    Hotline: 7918495
    Telephone: 6760533
    Coverage area:
    Vaavu, Meemu, Faafu
    and Dhaalu Atoll

  • placeBusiness Center - Fonadhoo

    Hotline: 7914431
    Telephone: 6800097
    Coverage area:
    Thaa and Laamu Atoll

  • placeBusiness Center - Thinadhoo

    Hotline: 7913715
    Telephone: 6842001
    Coverage area:
    Gaafu Alif and Gaafu
    Dhaalu Atoll

  • placeBusiness Center - Hithadhoo

    Hotline: 7916947
    Telephone: 6881013
    Coverage area:
    Seenu and
    Gnaviyani Atoll


Under the Business Incubator Program (BIP) the BCs work in close collaboration with their business incubator program technical partners to provide intensive business guidance and mentoring for a select group of new business enterprises engaged in innovative business growth opportunities linked to priority sector value chains that meet business incubator program criteria. Business Incubator support services are provided both on site at the location where the business enterprise is conducting its business as well as at strategically located technology training centers operated by the BCs and their collaborating program partners.

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